Sun shade

I am proposing without great originality, a stopgap solution to the oncoming and accelerating disaster of climate change.

The sun is heating the world up because we have chucked too much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which grab heat. While we need to, and must, reduce the net carbon dioxide to zero, it is too late for that. We will still continue to heat up – there is too much carbon in the atmosphere. So let’s reduce the heat coming in in the first place.

What can we stop it with? Chucking more pollution into the atmosphere like a volcano is a cheap and literally dirty way of doing it. BUT – acid rain, further damage to the ozone and more acidification of the ocean. The last inhibits the ocean absorbing carbon dioxide. So maybe not a good idea.

How about outside the atmosphere? Saturn has beautiful rings. It casts shadows on its surface.Some of the material was captured as it passed. Could we capture, say, asteroid dust? NASA, at one stage, had a plan to put an asteroid in orbit round the moon. Suppose we put it in orbit round the Earth? Then ground it up. Then another one. Until we reduce the incoming solar radiation by the percentage the clever people could calculate.

Or would it be cheaper to shoot reflective material into space? Presumably we’d use unmanned rockets. Once out there they would be put in the most effective orbit. More about orbits.